We are over 23 weeks into lockdown and it is definitely been a marathon and not a sprint. I was hoping (and praying) that the children would go back to school in June at some point for all our sakes, but that wasn’t to be!

The first of September is like a new beginning for me, and it always feels like a good time to take stock.

Last week, I was thinking about all the things I should have / could have / would have done and then I thought about our situation – This isn’t business as usual; it is business as unusual and it has taken me some time to get my head around it.

My Dad always said don’t ever say I would’ve/should’ve/could’ve say I HAVE DONE, or I WILL DO. So, I thought I would write about all the things I have done, rather than the things I haven’t.

It is also great to have a HAVE DONE list as well as a WILL DO list

Here’s my HAVE DONE list..

– Learnt Zoom and translated all my face-to-face work online
– Fine-tuned my LinkedIn and CV offering and been doing lots of these
– Carried out live zoom / webinar training on strengths, LinkedIn, CV writing and Brand You
– Helped clients with employee engagement when working from home – no correct that, looking after their employees wellbeing while remote working
– Helped clients with positive and concise messaging within their teams
– Helped clients manage working from home
– Executive coaching and career change work
– Managing lockdown living with a tween and a teen
– Run and cycled and seen blue sky and blossom and recorded it on strava , although it did cause a quite a stir when I recorded a bike ride as a run and broke all world records …
– Got back into yoga which is good for my body and my head
– Learnt to cook soup, chicken and mushroom pie and have created my very own version of homemade coleslaw
– Got to know and love many local businesses on my doorstep and will use them post lockdown
– Been able to make more environmentally friendly choices due to the extra time I have carved out without a commute or school run.
– Done some awesome #lockdownlearning with @localbusinessrocks, they have been a really supportive group in these challenging times. And there has been a lot of learning around video, SEO, newsletters, social media and branding.

So write yourself a HAVE DONE list, it’s part of your self-care and you will see how far you have come and you will feel confident and proud of your achievements. You can also add a lot of these things to your CV.

Now I need to sort out my WILL DO list for the next 100 days that takes me to December 10th!

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