Flexible Working
Hybrid Working

As a leader it is important to have the flexibility to adjust your style to the audience your are leading

~ Carla Dodds

2020 saw forced remote working go mainstream, but there are many other types of flexible working. Have you thought about what your flexible / hybrid options are, how to lead and communicate with employees and keep them engaged and productive? Each employee is different and it’s going to be a mix and match approach. Strong leadership and outstanding communication will be needed.

Flexible working can offer employees an improved sense of well-being through a good work-life balance. And well-being and self care is so important for mental health. Meanwhile, the benefits to employers extend beyond increased worker productivity to include positive impacts on the bottom line.

We can support you in developing this robust resourcing strategy. We have the capability to help you rethink your roles to incorporate flexible working options (including re-engineering roles as job share/split partnerships), which will appeal to the highest calibre of professional.

A job share partnership is not two people working part time jobs in parallel – that’s part time work – but two people cooperating as parts of a single unit, a team and a complete resourcing solution with shared responsibilities, identities and accountability.

How would you like 30% more productivity? Well, research has found that effective flexible working options can deliver this.

Flexible working does not just mean working from home, it can include:

  • Job share / split partnerships
  • Compressed working hours/days
  • Flexitime (variable working times)
  • Phased retirement
  • Agile/Remote working
  • Interim or freelance assignments

The possibiliites are endless, what are you waiting for?