The time and money invested with Career Voyage were well spent. Not only because the money will be returned three-fold in the first week of my new job but getting the first job I applied for has actually saved so much time because I knew it was one I wanted and I could perform in.


Managing Director

Career Voyage really opened my eyes to the power social media and LinkedIn in particular. After some excellent guidance on profile structure & content, I put my newly crafted LinkedIn profile up on Sunday evening and was headhunted by the Group HR Director of a large multinational company at 10.00 a.m. the next morning. Now that is a result!

Having had no approaches prior to updating my profile I have subsequently had 3 others, giving me a much better appreciation of the career opportunities that exist outside of my current organisation.


Senior Manager, Multinational Conglomerate, Turnover >$100bn

Career Voyage helped me to understand and be proud of my worth and capabilities and we put together a clearly defined route map which displayed who I am and my current position. We also defined what I want to do and the options that I have going forwards. Career Voyage gave me the belief and confidence that I can be proactive and take control of my career choices, using the right approach.

Their advice was totally centred around my needs and my aspirations and they bought me up-to-date with what is going on in the world of work and the new world of resourcing.


Senior Manager, Global Multinational Enterprise

Sarah has always been a sounding board throughout my career and never more than when she started “Career Voyage” and her 360 degree exercise with me. As a direct result of that exercise I recognised the need to channel my energies into what I enjoyed most rather than in following the career path I had fallen into. It seems so obvious to me now that I am enjoying success with my social impact initiative, but it was Sarah who made me recognize that anything is possible if you have passion and commitment in something.

Thank you …..finally at 47 doing what I absolutely love and was born to do. Feels amazing.

Career Breaker

Back into the world of commercial work

Thank you so so much Career Voyage. I know now there’s no rush to look at a career change and what I have already is not all that far from a healthy balance it just needs some tweaks here and there! I have a really useful plan on how to get some focus just now so I can’t thank you enough.



I approached Sarah as I wanted to update my CV. I had been working in the same position for 10 + years and was looking to make a career change but didn’t know how best to complete my CV in order to illustrate how the skills I’d acquired in my current role would be relevant in the role I wanted in the future. Not being good at selling myself, I asked Sarah to help me ensure my CV accurately represented my unique skill set in order to make my job applications look professional and more importantly, stand out in an extremely competitive market. Sarah also gave me advice on how to user my LinkedIn profile to support my CV and future job applications, as well as doing some role play with me in order to refresh my interview skills. I found Sarah’s advice and guidance extremely helpful and I could not recommend her highly enough. After updating my CV and practicing interview techniques, I found new confidence in my abilities and am now ready to take the next important step into my new career.



I’m fabulous at helping others with their branding and presentation; however, I’m not good at selling myself and decided to outsource this to a professional.

I wanted to recreate my LinkedIn Profile to give me a competitive edge, find my voice and my positioning, and increase my confidence. Until I worked with Career Voyage, I had zero LinkedIn presence, so from where I was to where I am now is a massive jump.

Having a third party walk through my career journey and articulate it compellingly boosted my confidence and helped me see my accomplishments through someone else’s eyes. It came at the right time to really take my career to the next level.

Within a year of focusing on brand me, I’d tripled my income. Career Voyage helped me understand where I’d come from and where I could be heading with the right focus and strategies. Until that point, I had no clarity of direction. I just floated wherever the wind was blowing, but Career Voyage gave me the rudder, steering wheel, and compass! ❤


I came to Career Voyage because I had a Senior Role interview in the diary with an external organisation, and I hadn’t had any practice of an external interview ever since I joined my current company 17 years ago.

I wanted to make sure that my performance in that interview was the best that it could be in order that I could land the role or come out of the interview knowing that I had given the best possible account of myself.

At the interview I excelled, I was on top of my game and I wowed the interview panel. The feedback was extremely positive and I know that I performed 60% better than I otherwise would have done without the training.

Senior Manager

Global Entreprise, Turnover > $100bn

I approached Career Voyage at a crossroads in my career when I was made redundant from the corporate private sector industry I had worked in almost my entire life and wanted to change career.

I’ve known Sarah a long time and she has always provided a listening ear and her specialised knowledge. With a number of exercises to perform including the 360-degree, finding your passion and psychological selfie tests, Sarah has really helped me to focus on my core strengths, what really motivates me and my values and how to market my transferable skills. I also realised how important it was how others perceive you both professionally and personally.

Sarah has given me the tools and confidence to apply for roles in a completely different industry sector. And it works! I am now working in healthcare in the public sector.

Thank you, Sarah / Career Voyage. My ship is sailing in the right direction finally.



I had the privilege of working for Sarah at the very start of my career. Sarah inspired me to follow a marketing career path and gave me some sound advice which has helped me to get where I am today.

Sarah was always incredibly professional and driven. She was highly organised and structured in her approach. She had a great deal of knowledge and expertise in both marketing and recruitment. She had a strong network and was highly regarded amongst our clients and candidates.

She gave me some great advice and tips on how to develop my career plan which enabled me to set realistic goals and clear principles which have guided me over the last 15 years. Sarah has been a role model to me and I don’t think I would be where I am today without her help and encouragement.

Senior Manager

Financial Services

I asked Career Voyage for help to update my LinkedIn profile when I was looking for a new job. Sarah gave me a whole new perspective on how to present myself. It is not all about me – it is all about the value I offer. Incredibly, I’ve had more profile views than in the last 2 weeks than ever, and secured a new role shortly afterwards. That fresh perspective gave me the confidence to take control of my career and create my own opportunities. And it really works!
Clientside Interim Manager and Entrepreneur

(Assignment Rate £600 / day)

Career Voyage transformed my CV and it helped me secure a new role. My LinkedIn profile was updated and I was forced to contact old managers and colleagues which resulted in me getting LinkedIn recommendations – just before some of my most important interviews, this gave me renewed confidence too. My moral and self-belief were improved greatly, the personality exercises and 360 review together with your positive and encouraging approach lifted me when I needed it. The career review led me to positively reassess all my relevant career activities which helped a great deal when I was preparing for interview.

Th insights into the world of recruitment gave me a better understanding of what I needed to be doing. And now I see this as an ongoing activity, my career should be something I maintain and review even now that I am in work – I still need to invest in my career to give me the best chance for future success.

You were a major contribution to my successful interviews and I was interviewed on the basis of my updated CV.




“Time with Sarah? If you should be so lucky then grab it with both hands. Your future self will thank you a hundred times over for it.

Sarah is the mentor and friend who will link up the dots in your conversations and musings in a way that reveals clarity and gives you a sense of career confidence and clout. She’s informed and visionary; her 20/20 vision of the future world of work has always involved an agile female workforce that is able to over-deliver on their commercial targets as well as thrive in the domestic sphere. She is energetic and energising to be around – the personification of a growth mindset – and always able to reframe your problem or issue in a way that reveals a path through to a potential solution. Her positivity and sense of fun is contagious, making her much more than just a mentor – she’s a true connector of people, making introductions that are valuable and help you, your brand and business idea flourish.”



Career Voyage gave me the belief and confidence that I can be proactive and take control of my career choices, using the right approach.

Sarah is a very energetic and inspiring person to work with. She is hugely knowledgeable about today’s changing career landscape and how to help people navigate their way to make positive change and achieve their true value. She is also passionate about delivering great outcomes for clients, driven by her belief in total quality and professionalism and bringing business focus and strategic thinking to career management. A real breath of fresh air, I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to maximise their career outcomes.



Career Voyage helped me gain back confidence with future career potential and options. You made me believe that the world is bigger that the small world I currently know and have been immersed in for the last 20 years.

Career Voyage made me realise I am a brand, to be proud of my achievements, I need to promote myself, attend conferences and events to become up to speed with market developments in the field I am interested in.


Global Multinational