Guest Appearances

Be Inspired to Boost Your Job Search and Get Hired – With Julia Kermode from iwork

I was so excited to be a part of the iwork podcast! It includes lots of advice about the importance of “Brand You”, taking a strategic approach to job search, and staying motivated.

Be Inspired to Boost Your Job Search and Get Hired!

iwork Podcast with Julia Kermode

International Women’s Day – Local Business Women Rock

Local Business Women Rock so on Monday 8th March 2021, I hosted a call in collaboration with Local Business Rocks – Business Owners Group celebrating some outstanding local business women. Have a  listen to some extraordinary females and be inspired.

DisruptHR Talks – 2 Heads are Better Than 1

In this short talk filmed at DisruptHR in Bristol, Sarah and Zina demonstrate how job shares can work and the benefits of them to both employers and employees