Courageous Career Conversations

If you think careers go in straight lines, think again! Your career is a voyage of discovery and one adventure leads to another! Courageous Career Conversations are here to inspire you and get you motivated and moving forwards in your search for meaningful and purposeful work

Courageous Career Story Debra Pitchford

Courageous Career Conversations are back, and I had the pleasure of speaking to Learning & Development Consultant Debra Pitchford about her journey from corporate to running her own business and back to corporate again – it’s inspiring!

Courageous Career Story Emily Timmins

In this episode of Courageous Career Conversations, I spoke to Emily Timmins – blogger, community worker, youth worker and more.

Lauren Malone, Mindset Coach, Lemon Tree Coaching and Development

In this episode, I talk to the inspiring Lauren Malone about her career journey and starting her business whilst pregnant with her first child.

Alex Butler, Chief Digital and Information Officer at the University of Bath

Alex takes us through her fascinating career story and shares her advice for those currently looking for their next role.

Rachel Shilston, Inspiring Creativity

This week we’re talking to Rachel Shilston from Rachel Shilston Inspiring Creativity. Rachel has always had a passion for art which is apparent throughout her varied and exciting career. If you are thinking about a career in the arts, this is the episode for you

Chantal Reed, Senior Marketing Professional

Chantal has had a fantastic career in the world of marketing, working with tech giants such as Microsoft and Dell Technologies. This is an episode not to be missed, especially if Marketing is your chosen career.

Chris Lewis, Chris Lewis Jewellery Design

We spoke to the inspiring Chris Lewis. Take a look and find out how after a successful career, Chris took the plunge and followed her true passion, creating a great business and living a life she loves.

Angharad Wrigley, Hot Tubs Rock

Angharad’s career journey is a great example of how random career moves can be but you can see common strands of her strengths showing themselves in each of her roles