I was just thinking about female employees over the age of 50…

The reason for this? Well, last week I went skiing. As you may know, mountain biking is my go-to sport, and I haven’t been skiing for 21 years. I can’t believe it’s been so long. Winter sun has always been my preferred option, and I just haven’t got around to skiing.

So, I went skiing with my mountain-biking Mum friends to celebrate a very special 50th birthday and to be honest; my brain went into overdrive before the trip:

  • What about the French declaration of honour?
  • What about my Covid passport?
  • Can I still ski?
  • What if I can’t stop?
  • Will my gorgeous millennium ski outfit look rather dated?

Thank goodness I’d forgotten to worry about ski lifts. Remembering those would have given me many sleepless nights.

But guess what? All those years of skiing, a season in Whistler and a trip every New Year meant that of course I could ski. I had learnt to ski, and the experience of all those trips hadn’t disappeared forever. It’s like riding a bike; they’re still there.

But what has that got to do with employing the over ’50s?

Well, it’s like the experiences you have collected throughout your career. A recent coaching client of mine had over 30 years of experience and secured a role primarily because of the experience she had immediately out of university. Luckily, we had been through all her achievements thoroughly, so they were front of mind when it came to the interview.

At 50, it becomes so hard to focus on which bits to highlight during the application process. So, focus on the job description and write a response around that. You have so much experience you can turn your hand to most things.

And employers, remember the over 50’s are a treasure chest of extraordinary talent and here are 5 reasons why…


That means real value for money. They will be able to add value over and above their current role – similar to an interim manager.

Retirement – I don’t think so!

Whether they are looking for a career change or a change in their work situation or they may have had years of caring responsibilities, juggling, downsized roles or working anywhere just to pay the bills. Whatever the reason, they’re on their second or even third wind. They are raring to go and cannot wait to ignite their career.

5 Generation Workforce – the hidden superpower in your business

Endless studies have shown that a diverse workforce is more productive, creative, innovative and motivated – who wouldn’t want employees like that in their business. The workplace is more human now than ever, and employees are like a family. Pairing mixed generation colleagues often leads to less conflict, better working relationships, more innovation, and better problem-solving.

Power Skills

Whilst there is clearly a skill shortage when it comes to technical or digital skills, some of the most in-demand skills are soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, productivity and wellbeing. It no longer makes sense to call them soft skills; they’re essential for the new world of work and should be called POWER SKILLS. HR leaders and L&D professionals agree these skills give employees power at work. Power to collaborate, power to communicate effectively and power to lead. And the over 50’s have accumulated a lifetime of these skills and can offer them in abundance.

Wisdom and Experience

Employees in their 50s have been there, done that and got the t-shirt several times. And that wisdom and experience can head off many costly mistakes at the outset by sharing past learning. They can provide support to younger team members, and combining experience and modern-day skills could have some powerful outcomes.

So, if you are in or approaching your 50s and have decided now is the time to think about taking your career in another direction. Or, if you are an employer looking for support in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace, drop an email to sarah@careervoyage.co.uk

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