Did you know that statistic?  Studies show that up to 70% of jobs posted online are already filled, in the process of being filled, cancelled at the time of publishing or have been sat online for several weeks and have become even more obsolete.

That statistic is one of the main reasons why only 20% of your job seeking strategy should be based on applying for jobs posted online.

So, if you are going to be applying for jobs online it makes sense to know the best destinations to start your journey. Fortunately, we have chartered a plan for you.

Job Aggregators / Job Search Engines

In essence, job aggregators are the “Google” of job postings. They gather job postings from other sources on the internet such as employer websites, other job boards, professional associations etc and list them in one helpful site.  Whilst they are great for consolidating many job postings into one place, they can often display jobs that are outdated so bear this in mind when you decide how much time you will spend using job aggregators.  However, job aggregators do offer helpful sorting tools like part-time vs. full-time, hourly vs. salary, employer vs. recruiter, start date, etc.

Here is a list of the largest and most common job aggregators:

Most Popular
  • Indeed is the largest and one of the first job aggregators
  • SimplyHired is like Indeed but offers more add-on applications for greater social media compatibility
Most Varied
  • CareerJet is also like Indeed but is available in more countries and in more languages than SimplyHIred
  • LinkedIn Jobs is more than a career social media site, it also aggregates job postings
Most Useful
  • Glassdoor is not only an aggregator of job openings, but it is also a user-generated content site of sorts, providing profiles of businesses based on millions of anonymous reviews and data points from current and former employees. It’s a great place to check what employees have to say about a company and bench mark salaries too.

Targeted Job Boards

Although job aggregators are great for showing a variety of job postings quickly and in one place, they are not as reliable as job boards that match your specific requirements.  Of course, it takes a little longer to visit several boards but when it comes to moving your career to the place you want it to be, your time is best spent being as specific as possible. Here we have put together some of the best targeted job boards, dependent on your goals.

HR and People Management
  • SimplyHRJobs is one of the largest HR job sites in the UK. They have the standard search functions and allow you to upload your CV to help recruiters find you. You can set up job alerts as well as follow them on social media to keep up to date with new postings
  • ChangeBoard is like SimplyHRJobs but do have the added value of regular career advice pages that can assist in developing your job search skills
  • onlymarketingjobs is one of the best sites for marketing roles and advice about advancing your marketing career. There are various search options, job alert function and the ability to upload your CV and their advice section is packed full of studies and guides
  • SimplyMarketingJobs is, unsurprisingly, created by the same people as SimplyHRJobs so is a great job search tool with all the same functions
  • TopFinancialJobs is the number one job site for financial jobs and allows you to search by location, recruiter, employer and even qualification. Like many of the other good sites, it has a careers advice centre as well
  • FinanceJobsNow offers a twist on the usual job board offering as they are a UK based site that specialised in job postings for those that are looking for short term, contract, or interim positions. They do have permanent job postings and a career advice centre however their focus is short term placements
  • CareersInAudit is the leading site for those specifically looking for roles in audit, risk & compliance. A recent study conducted showed that 40% of candidates in this sector only used CareersInAudit when looking for their next role
  • TechnoJobs are a great site for all things IT and Technical in the UK. Although their site is not as smooth as others and can seem to have a lot of ads, the information there is particularly good and offers industry insights as well as job postings
  • WhoIsHiring is not just a UK based site but offers tech job postings from around the world. When you land on their home page, you are presented with a map of the world and icons showing how many jobs are available in each city. Of course, the biggest cities have the most jobs but there are some great local gems there too
  • SupplyChainOnline is one of the most popular sites for all jobs in supply chain, logistics, and procurement. The site has all the basic functions and is extremely easy to use
  • SupplyChainRecruit describe themselves as the best site for all jobs within logistics and offer job listings of all levels from entry to senior management and have a variety of advice sections as well
  • Guru is a site for all general freelancers and is currently used by over 3 million freelancers, so no matter what your niche market is there is likely to be jobs for you to apply for here. As with all freelance sites, always check out things such as commission charges or fees that the site may take for matching you with clients
  • PeoplePerHour is like Guru and one of the biggest freelancer sites. Whilst many small and start-up companies use this site to hire freelance talent, it is also a favourite of Microsoft so corporate hires are possible. Again, it really does not matter what service you offer, there will be someone here looking for it. You can easily work internationally, and roles are available on short term, long term, or project basis. Again, be sure you take note of fees (PeoplePerHour is currently 20% of your total project charge)
Flexible Working
  • TimeWiseJobs specialises in part time, flexible, work from home or return to work roles. You can search by location etc, but the great thing is, you can also search by the type of flexibility you are looking for.
  • FindYourFlex is also like TimeWiseJobs and offers a wide range of flexible roles from around the UK

This is just a small example of the thousands of job boards available. Google is always your best start to look for your ideal job board however we hope this has given you a good starting point.

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