Today the flexible working movement is really gathering pace and one flexible working opportunity I’m really passionate about job sharing which is often overlooked.

Job sharing is not 2 people working part-time jobs in parallel – that’s part-time work. Job sharing is 2 people, with shared responsibilities, identities and accountability occupying 1 position. They are a single unit, a team and a complete resourcing solution.

Job sharing gives individuals the flexibility they crave and employers the complete resourcing solutions they require.

Employers are likely to have:
– Two very engaged employees
– Increased output and productivity
– Greater wellbeing
– Increased motivation and employee retention
– Holiday and sickness cover
– Collaboration and joint thinking on a role

They can also take advantage of knowledge being retained in the business if one half of the share leaves, mentoring and reverse mentoring can take place and phased retirement or return to work can be easily managed.

But let us not forget the most attractive positive for employers – access to HIDDEN TALENT which is not only available on a full-time basis due to other commitments.

Job sharing can be the ideal solution for you if you have other responsibilities but want to keep your career on track.
– You and your job share partner can take on more challenging roles, which are rarely available part-time.
– You can arrange your hours to suit your own circumstances.
– You can fully focus on whatever you do during your time off, confident that emails are still being answered and the work is getting done.
– You can bounce ideas off your partner and utilise each other’s strengths and complimentary skills.
– When you are walking the dog on your days off, you might come up with your most creative work thoughts.
– If you find the right person, it can even turn into a successful long-term partnership and you can plan your future career together and #workhappilyeverafter

There are some things, however, which are non-negotiable for the relationship to work. They are trust, shared calendar / itinerary, clear communication system, honest and open conversations around values, strengths, skills, weaknesses, what you enjoy doing and what you don’t.

What can you bring to the table that your job partner can’t and where are the gaps?

When a job share works it is the best flexible working solution for the yourself and your employer.

Business is more human these days and more like a family. Imagine combining the wisdom and knowledge of a 50-year-old with the energy of the graduate who has a couple of years work experience, this makes a really powerful combination where both individuals get the flexibility they want and the employer gets their complete people solution.

If you need some support to guide you into a job share role, give Sarah a call on 0333 123 0510