Schools Out For Summer – A Newbook Chapter


Schools out for Summer but what if infant school, junior school or senior school is out forever!

Happy End of (School) Year! It is July. The holidays are upon us. This is the month or week of endings and change as children finish at infant, junior and senior schools all over the country. It is a crazy time if you are a parent, there are sports days, school plays, concerts, schools trips and sometimes leaving ceremonies. School leavers might depart on a gap year. For me, it is the last school drop off with both children as George moves onto secondary school this Autumn.

Try not to get too overwhelmed – that is difficult when juggling school holidays with work but take some time for you and some R&R – the weather is so amazing. Enjoy your summer holidays, get back to nature, feed your soul and spend time with your loved ones.

If you are not a parent, enjoy the easy commuting, and be very grateful that you do not need to holiday in the school holidays … I remember those days vaguely …..

For every young person, September means a real sea – change from one school year to the next, one milestone to another, or leaving one port for the next. They are equipped with their provisions: new school uniform, shoes, pencil case and haircut seem to indicate a new start.

In September, the carefree summer has come to an abrupt end and school busyness and activity starts: a period where routines change, friendship groups alter, travel itineraries and timetables transform – a new chapter or adventure.

And each September your children become more independent and rely on you less and less as the academic years roll by.

Children experience and embrace this change and we sit on the side lines and cross our fingers and hope it all goes OK – feeling slightly out of control …

As a parent, grandparent or carer you will need to help young people navigate these changes and look to the next horizon, be ready for when the conditions change or the course might need to be altered.


In #50days time, it will be 14th September and there is something about the start of the academic year that remains with us as adults – whether or not we have children. As an adult or parent, buying the new school uniform or pencil case might be replaced by moving from a summer wardrobe to an autumn / winter one and resolving to be more efficient, but it seems like a new start and it is a great time to think about your long term work / career plans.

September seems like a good time to take stock and focus on our own provisions and equipment, take the time to reflect on the new horizon. September still has warmth, we might even be more rested or rejuvenated from the longer days and perhaps more time in our home environment.

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