2020 has been a huge year for change and pivoting of priorities. (Forced) remote working has become the norm, this has huge implications for how and where you work and the employers you can work for too.

At Career Voyage we want to help you navigate the new world of work and flexible working is a HUGE part of that. We have seen (forced) remote working in action and it’s been extraordinary how quickly it happened and it has transformed workplaces and employee experience.

There are many other types of flexible working, however, that aren’t so well know and they could help you get back into a role and make sure you have a Life and a Career, they’re not mutually exclusive!

In terms of landing a flexible role, you need to be very clear what you want in the first instance.

What does success look like to you?
What hours or schedule would you prefer to work?
What is your preferred role and where can you add real value

So if you want to learn more about flexible working and getting hired, come along to Flexpo! You can see the agenda and register here, it’s FREE!

We are flexhibitors and we’re looking forward to “seeing” you there, it’s a great place for learning and there will, be some really interesting sessions to help you get into back into work, into flexible working or start your own business, some great influencers will be there such as Mother Pukka, Juliet Turnbull, Joy Foster, Karen Mattison and Brian Ballantyne. The event will be jam packed full of interesting sessions and I’m delighted to be running a workshop on Creating an Absolutely Fabulous LinkedIn profile to get you hired or get you clients with Ursula Tavender

So sign-in here and look forward to seeing you then You can register here, it’s FREE https://flexpodigital.vfairs.com/en/registration