Your career is arguably your most precious possession. It’s the key to your future happiness, financial stability, personal well-being and freedom to make your own lifestyle choices.

It’s crucial therefore to own it, to be in control and to actively steer it in the right direction.

But what if you’re stuck in a rut, your boss doesn’t value you, you’re facing redundancy, or a side move? Perhaps you’re bored with your chosen career and need a new challenge. Or, what if you’ve had a career break and you’ve decided now is the time to plunge back into the world of work?

Congratulations! You’re facing a fabulous opportunity to create a new you!

Businesses need your talent! A recent survey by Business West revealed that 61% of local businesses are finding it hard to recruit the right people. The problems identified were a skills gap, recruiters unable to attract quality candidates and a lack of business-ready skills in school leavers and graduates.

Where do you start? The good news is you’ve come to the right place. Here at Career Voyage we’re focused on helping you identify your strengths and skills so we can carve out a carefully thought out path towards your ideal role.

Because it’s important that your next move is the right move, that you’re happy, fulfilled and earnings match your true potential.

So, we’ll take you on an incredible journey to the heart of your true self with our 4 step plan:

  1. Discover – who you are, where your real talents lie, and what drives you as a person.
  1. Explore – based on what we discover, we work with you to identify what career options are available to you. This might include entirely different work opportunities, based on your talents and strengths – opportunities you may not have considered before.
  1. Preparation – creating a new you – one that is ready to apply for work in your chosen field, re-creating your C.V. and preparing your public profile to appeal to your ideal employer.
  1. Campaign – we put your career plan into action, targeting employers, seeking job vacancies that match your clearly defined criteria, and honing your application and interview techniques to help you secure that dream job.

This process is an investment in you – and one you know that you deserve. Your future lies in your hands, you owe it to yourself to pursue this life changing opportunity to secure the best possible career path.

Sometimes all it takes is a little help to find the right direction. That’s what we’re here for, to make your dreams, hopes and ambitions become reality.

Contact us for an initial chat, and we’ll explain in more detail how we can help. And if you’re still not sure if it’s right for you, take a look at what some of our previous clients have to say about their experiences here.

In a hurry?

If time is of the essence and you need to fast-track your career plans, sign up for our Club Class online package here. It’s packed with helpful tutorials, assessments and advice to help you find exactly what career path is right for you. You’ll find some rich material on how to prepare yourself for job hunting including honing interview techniques, and how to create a winning CV to get you on the shortlist.

Or join us for our next event – How to use LinkedIn to secure your next role. It’s on 24th February 6pm – 8pm at the Engine Shed Bristol. Discover how to create a winning LinkedIn profile to attract potential employers. Details are here.

We’re passionate about career planning and making the right choices in life. Talk to us, we’ll be pleased to help.