Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Cheltenham Literature Festival. Jamie Oliver was there to promote his new book and did an inspiring talk about his life and career to date.

He talks with such enthusiasm, and the purpose and passion that drives him shine through.

Throughout the Career Voyage Framework and our online programme Be Inspired Get Hired, we focus heavily on identifying your purpose and passion. These two things form the backbone of finding the career and life you love.

So, I wanted to take the time this week to share some of the things that stood out to me about Jamie’s career and how we can use those same things to drive our own lives forward.


What lights you up?

Jamie’s new book “One Pot Wonders” has a bigger purpose than simply releasing a new book. He’s trying to make a change.

Unsurprisingly, the number of people cooking at home skyrocketed during the lockdown periods (it’s not like we had much choice). However, it is surprising that new studies have shown people are now cooking less than they did pre-pandemic.

So, Jamie’s new book is on a mission to get people cooking again.

Getting the UK cooking again is a big mission, but Jamie’s passion has always been improving how we eat and enjoy food. From encouraging more men into the kitchen with the Naked Chef to campaigning for better school dinners. Jamie clearly found his purpose.

Finding the ideal job that will give you the life you love can also feel like a big mission when you start.

That’s why it’s so important to have clarity about what makes you tick. What lights you up? What are you passionate about? Having the answer to these big questions can give you a clear direction to head in.

One resource we use at Career Voyage is a free online tool called Find My Why – I highly recommend you take the time to go through it.

Resilience is key

It’s clear Jamie has a phenomenal career, but it didn’t come easily. School wasn’t easy for him as he dealt with dyslexia, and his career has had its ups and downs.

But Jamie has built up a great deal of resilience, and cooking is more than just a job.

Cooking is how he relaxes and is like therapy. It’s something he pours his heart and soul into.

When you’re on your job search journey, resilience is going it be vital. Unfortunately, there will be times when you may not get the interview or another candidate is better suited to the role.

But, when you can see these things as learning opportunities and more experience, they are less likely to knock you back.

Taking care of your wellbeing is also essential. Finding something that relaxes and recharges you will help you manage the stressful parts of finding your ideal job.

Maybe that’s getting out for a run, reading a good book or playing music and whipping up a treat in the kitchen. It’s whatever works for you.

Small steps to big change

From an early start in his dad’s pub to owning a restaurant chain, revolutionising the school meal system and now releasing a book – there’s no denying Jamie Oliver has made a massive difference to the world of food.

And his newest mission, to get the UK cooking again, could seem like an impossible task. But, by breaking it down into smaller goals, it doesn’t seem so scary.

Firstly, Jamie has considered why we are cooking less and studies have shown that one reason is that we don’t like washing up (no surprise there). So how has he started to overcome this?

Well, his new book “One Pot Wonders” does precisely what it says. You can cook meals in one pot, drastically reducing the amount of washing up needed.

And this is what we aim to do at Career Voyage. We take your big goal of finding a job and life you love and break it down into manageable steps to keep you motivated and on track.

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