10 Reasons why December is the Best Time to Land That Role…

2021 has continued to be a year of unrelenting change recovering from major political changes, a global market crash, environmental disasters and probably the most significant world event in the last decade – a global pandemic. It has certainly been a couple of years of change and pivoting priorities. In 2020 forced remote working has become the norm for many, which has opened a whole new world of opportunity for employers and employees.

So, if you have had time to take stock and are thinking about a career change or between roles at the moment or have been made redundant, then NOW (yes, December) is the time to land your next role.

And I’ve got some great news; now, it’s a candidate’s market, and there are more roles than before covid-19. As professionals take stock and reprioritise workwise, the great resignation or the big quit is happening, which means organisations have many more roles to fill than usual. And, your work landscape has opened up now you can work remotely and apply for positions anywhere in the country or even the world.

Too many people wait until January to start a new career search so read on to find out why your time really is now and get ahead of the job search crowd.

  1. End of Year Budgets

Occasionally large companies find that they have monies left over at the end of the year which have been allocated to headcount, so they need to get someone into the business quickly to secure the budget.

  1. Get Ahead of the Competition 

December is a great time to get ahead of the competition. Headhunters and recruiters are less busy and more relaxed as clients move into virtual party season and are much easier to approach and connect with.

  1. Deadline Looming 

In September or October, a role that starts at the beginning of January next year seems a long way off. When you get to December, you realise how few working days you have to get someone in place; you start moving quickly and look at talent laterally or bring in an interim. So any direct approaches will have more impact, and individuals are more likely to be considered.

  1. Time to Think

Between Christmas and New Year is a great time to be at work or even in the office, and there are few interruptions, and you can think more clearly around talent and needs of the business. A CV or covering letter may be noticed more easily, particularly when others are on holiday, which causes gaps in the team.

  1. Short of Resource

Project resources can be thin on the ground in the festive holidays, so you may need to bring extra resources in to ensure the project happens on time.

  1. Front of The Queue

Recruiting Managers and Hirers find it challenging to get hold of individuals at this time of year, so the fact that they can get hold of you may mean you go to the front of the queue.

  1. Great Time for Networking 

Networking is one of the best ways of finding a job before it is advertised or put on the market at all. Christmas is an excellent time to pick up the phone, write a card or ask someone for a coffee. Also, there are many events where you can network, although they’ll be online this year!

  1. New Year, New Career

Many individuals might be thinking of changing their career in the New Year, so they might consider you to fill their shoes.

  1. Positivity

Generally, there is a positive and happy vibe in the air which means employers and headhunters are more likely to take your call or read your emails with festive cheer.

  1. Surprise Projects

New and exciting projects often kick off in January, and sometimes managers start the recruitment process early. If you are available and can do the job – problem solved!

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