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Sarah Taylor of Career Voyage talks with Luan Wise, LinkedIn expert about how to use LinkedIn to secure your next role.

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Career Voyage is a strategic career and talent planning business, putting individuals at the helm of their career, doing great work and being rewarded accordingly; and helping businesses to put the right people in the right positions at the right time.

We’re flexible in our approach, offering both one to one and online support, while taking a highly structured, pragmatic and disciplined approach, and work towards delivering specific and tangible outcomes for our clients.

Individual Framework

Individual Framework

Our highly structured approach to discovering your talent & ensuring you are getting the best out of your career
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Whatever your timescales, budgets and needs, we have an offer to suit you
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Leverage your network

Leverage your network

Find out how to make LinkedIn work for you
Put your head above the parapet

Put your head above the parapet

Career crossroads? What a fabulous opportunity!

Reaching a career crossroads presents a fabulous opportunity to carve out a new future just for you. Career Voyage helps you along the journey, so you make the right choices and land the job you've always wanted.

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What's happening

What's happening out there?

Hello world!

Currently, almost every industry sector is struggling to meet demand due to staff and skills shortages, stunting growth, reducing quality, and putting undue pressure on existing staff.

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