First Class

You will be personally guided by our team of experts, giving you feedback, encouragement and motivation as you go. In addition, you’ll have unlimited access to our online resources to supplement your work with your guides.

You can buy First Class tickets in stages, or as an all-inclusive programme.

Discover: £1500+vat

(Includes four hours of one-to-one coaching support)

Our guides use a series of confidential briefing conversations and insightful diagnostic tests to rigorously and objectively examine your purpose, motivators, values and skills. From this process you’ll gain increased self-awareness, clarity of outlook about what you will find the most fulfilling use of your time and talents, your preferred work environment and colleagues, as well as insight into any new skills and competencies you may want to develop. Completing the Discover session will give you your very own career compass an invaluable tool to help you understand and define you.

Explore: £1500+vat

(Includes four hours of one-to-one coaching support) as above …

Our guides will help you identify the business environment in which you will excel and the type of business, people, boss and structure that will help you leverage your talent to maximum effect. Completing Discover and Explore will give you your Career Voyage Route Map, an invaluable tool throughout your working life, showing you how and where you will thrive in your career.

Prepare and provision – With a Career Voyage compass: £1750+vat Without a Career Voyage compass: £2850+vat

(Includes four hours of one-to-one coaching support)

In addition to showing you how to build a highly effective CV, personal pitch and approach to using social media to pitch your personal brand, our experts will help you produce a piece to camera, showcasing your collateral and skill-set for use on LinkedIn. Our guides will give you a complete understanding of the value you will add to employers, helping you to discover and understand your value and rates. They’ll show you how to put your social media strategy in place and the mechanism by which it can be delivered, equipping you with the confidence and ability to pitch yourself effectively in a networking situation.

Land the role: £1500+vat

(Includes four hours of one-to-one coaching support)

Our team will put you through your paces to ensure that every application, every interview and every negotiation you undertake goes as well as it possibly can. We ensure that you have human support and hand-holding through what can be a challenging and ultimately highly rewarding process. Our experts will keep you going and encourage and inspire you to continue to reach your destination.


First Class all inclusive ticket Stages 1 – 4: £6000+vat

Work in the 21st Century

This is how work will be for the brightest and best – and how organisations need to respond to the new normal to stay ahead.


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